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What are the Interest Rates for Car Loan?

Car Loan interest rates and charges are one of the most Dynamic ones. The interest rates are used as tools both by the Banks and by various Car Manufacturers to lure customers during various festive seasons and other high selling times. Each vehicle model has a different rate. We have therefore attempted to simplify the details and have provided you with an idea here. Please use our 'Compare Loans' tool to find out exact rate and charges for the Car of your choice or you may wish to 'Contact Us'.

  HDFC Bank ICICI Bank
Interest rates with special offer 10.75 to 12.75 % 10.75 to 11.25 %
Interest rates without special offer 12 to 14.25 % 12.5 to 16.75 %
Processing Fees Rs. 2,751 to Rs. 5,076 0 to Rs. 4,470