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What are the Documents required for Personal Loan?

Primarily 2 sets of documents are required for Personal Loan. KYC & Income documents.

Primary Documents

Document type What are these Documents? What are the options?
KYC Know Your Customer. (ID, Age, Address & Signature proof) PAN, Passport, Ration Card, Driving License, etc.
Income Documents Documents that tell about your accountable Income Pay Slip, Bank Statement, Form 16 etc.

Documents in detail

We have tried to make this list an exhaustive one. However, it is possible that from time to time, without notice, Banks may alter the list of documents required. Moreover, it is possible to take deviation in most of the cases if a particular document is not available.

Document Options Axis HDFC HDB ICICI Fullerton Citibank
ID Proof PAN (front & back), Passport, Driving License, Voter ID M M M M M M
Age Proof PAN, Passport, Driving License, School Certificate, Birth Certificate M M M M M M
Signature Proof PAN, Passport, Driving License M M M M NM M
Address Proof Phone Bill, Gas Bill, EB Card and Bill, Bank Statement, Passport, Rental Agreement with Utility Bill M M M M M M
Photo Recent Colour Passport M M M M M M
Pay Slip Recent 3 months M M M M M M
Bank Statement Recent 4 months (including present month update) M M M M M M
Work continuity for more than 1 year (combination of offer letter and relieving letters) M M M M M M
Land Line (or) Post Paid Phone Bills Recent M NM HE NM NM NM
Own House Proof EB Card and Bill, Water Bill, Property Tax, Recent Sale Deed M NM HE NM HE NM
Form 16 Recent NM M M NM M NM
Company ID Card   NM M M M M NM
Education Certificate Highest qualification (Preferably PG, BE, CA etc) HE HE HE HE HE NM
Cancelled Cheque Leaf of Salary Account M M NR NR NR NR


M Mandatory
NM Not Mandatory
HE Highly Essential
NR Not Required